What Is Proactive Customer Service?

It is the rule of entering into the commercial world that happy customers mean successful business. Every business model must take care of their clients and make sure they are satisfied with the services provided. Since the customers make the enterprise, their happiness from a product or service needs to be the top priority. The company has to make sure that every hindrance that falls unto the way of their customer is an obstacle to their success. 

Gartner predicts that 89% of businesses are expected to compete mainly on customer experience.

Proactive Customer Service

Hence, it becomes imperative that the company goes beyond their way to make sure that their customers are comfortable. It is the sign of every good business model to take care of their clients. Having the clients crawl to you through hours of a hold-up on the IVR, which leads to furthering their agony and frustration, is a clear red flag for a company. Going out of the way, putting your hand forward does not just aim to decimate the potential issues at grass root level but builds a good reputation in the eyes of the clients. They see the hard work of the company and value it.

The classification of customer service can be done based on the participation of the company. 

If the company approaches the clients first in order to help them, as well as detects and solves the issue prior to when it arises and becomes a problem, it is known as proactive customer service. 

The conventional ways of customer service, which include the customer first coming to the company with problems and waiting for their response, is the reactive customer service. 

The latter is more lucrative, both for the company and the client. 

Why proactive service is competent for the clients?

It allows the customers to be more gratified towards the company. Why would not the customers feel better if their problems are picked at firstly by the service providers themselves?

● A better experience for the customers since their issues, which at the beginning might not irate them but can be a source of potential annoyance, are rooted out at their nascent stage.

● Seeing the efforts of the service providers, a boost in customer loyalty is observed. They are less likely to leave your product/service and more likely to advocate it to their friends and family.

Why proactive service is competent for the company?

Since happy customers mean a successful enterprise, the loyalty and contentment of customers inevitably affect the business of the company.

● Feedback of customers helps build a better model. Finding out about the issues that the customers are feeling helps in aiding the company against the escalation towards a bad situation. When the defect is figured out at an earlier stage, the situation is controlled.

● Solving issues helps in retaining existing customers while acquiring new ones. Satisfied customers act as a ‘word of mouth’ advertisement for the product/service. It will help in building a larger customer network and be very profitable, inevitably.

● Fewer support calls will be on the incoming. Since the problems will be rooted out by the company itself, the clients will not feel the need to complain.

How to implement proactive customer service?

Change is always a better path to tread on to. To make your customer service a more likable, reliable, and overall better experience for the customers, proactive customer service is the way to go. To inculcate it in your business model, the following steps can be considered.

●      Hear what the customers say: Attention must be given to what the customers are talking about, particularly on the internet. The company needs to monitor the users, pay attention to their comments, tweets, etc. These are not direct feedbacks but are feedbacks nonetheless. Advanced communication technologies like cloud telephony ensure a good quality of the call. Also, it offers features like call monitoring that helps the company to hear and understand what the clients need. They are subtle ways in which companies can assure the happiness of clients.

●      Direct feedback and surveys: The companies can ask their customers to fill out feedback forms and surveys to help them detect the issues clients face. It is a very direct method to figure out clients’ problems in using the product/service. IVRs or interactive voice response is very helpful in gathering customer’s feedback. With their help, conducting surveys becomes easier. Adding on to that, certain incentives can be given out to the customers if they choose to fill the surveys like discounts, offers, gift cards, etc.

●      FAQs and tutorials: These are the methods that a company can implement to make the customers self-sufficient. If a client faces any issue, they can simply look up to the provided FAQs and tutorial videos or other How-To’s. This indirect method of proactive customer service would also avoid confrontation between customer service providers and the customers themselves.

●      Official statements and status update: This is a great method to follow once a folly has been made by the company. The company needs to apologize before the word reaches the clients. Voice broadcasting reaches out to thousands of customers on a large scale at once. It is a great way to send your message across.

It clears up any misconception and helps avoid rumors which may cause mayhem. The company needs to ensure the clients that the mistake won’t repeat itself. It helps calm the customers down and builds a healthy communication between the company and the clients. The company can also email personal campaigns for updates and apologies.


Proactive Customer Service is the way of the future generation. The care and satisfaction provided by new companies are becoming the way of the market. In the cut-throat competition of capitalism ensures that the clients hold the reins of the company. Hence, each new business must inculcate in its model the proactive customer service. This type of service acts like the waiter who does not merely stand by your table while you eat but offers you today’s specials and asks how the meal is going. 

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